Sunday, October 7, 2012

 Reese dares to pet the camel at the "dixie classic fair"
 On the ferris wheel! Presley was the most excited, can't you tell?
 Our 20 sec. ride on the carousel.
 Reese flies high on the swings. She was so excited to be able to ride on the big kid swings! She has no fear of anything.

 Presley finally happy.  She won a doggie playing the fishing game!
 My hottie husband! Yes, I know he's gorgeous!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

 Yummy kisses from my baby!
 Reese tumbling
 Gold Medal day at gymnastics
 I'm pregnant! Whoo-hoo!
 Daddy and Presley hanging out on the rocks
 Mama and girls hiking at Pilot Mtn.
 Girls perform in their first dance recital
 Brian and his bike spokes. Mamas attempt at creative photography?
 Mama and girls at Wrightsville beach. We had such a great time at the beach this year.  Reese learned to ride a boogie board all by herself, and Presley, the little Sandflea, dug up a huge crab.
 Reese at the beach
 Presley looking oh so cute after a swim at the Y
 Reese doing what she does so well...jump!
 Daddy and his babies
 Presley not sure if she is liking the boat ride or not
 Reese and Paige tube at cousins week
 Foam day, Lehi Utah
 Reese and Presley, best friends
 Presley gets a shopping cart for her 4th bday
 Girls with Uncle Mike
Reese kissing the frog in hopes it turns into a prince

Yes, It's been a while. I see my last post was in January. Well, I hope the anticipation was worth the wait.  Here are a bunch of random pictures shot over the past year.  Reese and Presley are both in school full-time and momma is at home getting ready for the new baby! Surprise! Baby due in about a month and a half.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Reese has started saying "Poo-poo gooey"! all the time. We have no idea what it means but it is her standard comeback for everything! "Reese, time to eat!" "No way, poo-poo gooey!"...."Reese, lets brush teeth and get read for bed!" "Don't think so, poo-poo gooey"! I've since nicknamed her "poopoo gooey". She doesn't like that very much...Anyhow, this morning, while I was getting dressed, Reese asked me if she drank out of my boob-boos when she was a baby. I said, "no, because I didn't have milk in them until after Presley was born. "Why?" she asked. "Because you weren't in my belly when you were a baby", I tried to explain. "You were in Mommy Breahnas belly. Do you remember the pictures?" So I proceeded to show her the pictures of her when she was a baby and us with Breahna and tried my best to explain to a 4-yr. old that she was adopted. I finally tried to relate in terms she could maybe understand. "Do you remember how Kung Fu Pandas mommy couldn't take care of him so she gave him to the Goose and the Goose became his daddy and took really good care of him? Well, you are like Po and I am the Goose!" She just cocked her head sideways, pursed her lips and said, "okay, poopoo-gooey!"
Brian rock climbing. He is part mountain goat!
Picture of Becky taken by Reese. (This is proof that I was actually there, even though I am usually on the other side of the camera).
Presley wearing her dress-up outfit that momma and grammy and aunt Kristin worked very hard on!

Christmas 2011

Daddy and Presley pose wearing the silly animal hats from Nana and G'pa.
Reese got her much wanted Ariel Dress from Santa this year, and although it wasn't the "right one" she still loves and wears it EVERY DAY!
Presley was very happy with what Santa brought her...a dollhouse AND a babydoll.
Sweet sisters wearing their matching Christmas Eve Pajamas.
Girls showing Dad some Christmas sugar!

Christmas fun!

We went snow tubing Christmas Eve day at Hawksnest, NC. It was in the upper 50's and the snow was melting fast. Here is Presley BEFORE she knew what she was getting into.
Reese pretty much LOVED tubing! We tubed until the session was over and even then, she wasn't ready to stop! We had sooo much fun!
12-24-2011 Hawksnest, NC.
Making gingerbread houses!
Decorating the "1st tree". After about a week of sniffling and eyes watering, we decided to toss the beautiful christmas bush and get something a little more "hypoallergenic".